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Charley Edelman (artist) - Acrylic Charley Paints

Charley Edelman

Charley Edelman (artist) - Acrylic Charley Paints

About Charley Edelman

Who Charley Edelman is:

When I was 12, someone gave me a box of paints. Three years later, I was out painting the sunrise in the football stadium at school, and painting snow scenes in 20 degrees. Five months ago, I was creating art constantly in the Peruvian mountains. Never quit! The art and cultural aspects of Europe and Mexico have intrigued me for many years, and over this time I have been rewarded with amazing friendships from people from across the globe. I have countless drawings from life-study sketches in museums that are always created with the concept of retaining my own individuality. Something magical happens as the pencil or pen in my hand becomes an extension of my arm and mind, and what an incredible pleasure that is! Between art and being able to reinvent myself, I am ever fascinated with the world around me.

Charley Edelman's Education:

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Kansas City Art Institute, Master of Fine Arts
Queens College NYC
Yale University Summer Program in Connecticut
New York Studio School in NYC
Visiting Professor at Parsons School of Design in NYC
Visiting Art Professor at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire
Numerous group shows and one person exhibitions including: Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City, Godwin Ternbach Museum, Queens New York, Abilene Texas Fine Art Museum, and Center of Culture in Lyon France.

Why Charley Edelman?

Professional Artist, a Contemporary Painter of Small Murals, Art Lecturer, Watercolor, Private Art Instructer, Acrylic Painter, Drawing, Exhibiting Artist, Small Sculpture, Art Juror and Private Critiques, Public Speaker for Groups, Gallery and Museum Tours.

Charley in his Art Studio
Charley in his Art Studio

I've discovered that painting large scale works was something that I loved and was gifted at since I was 16 years of age. A six by six foot canvas opened up so many new intriguing challenges in terms of compositional elements and the interaction of color, besides whatever story the work told. I worked on one off and on for four years. An abstraction that turned into a solar system with strings of colors for the string theory science concept. I don't have photos now, but the painting was finished over 5 times until it was finally finished... lol. My large scale work now involves aquatic life and a tropical theme. People there are truly impressed and I actually surprised myself and it's not complete yet but will be soon.

Imaginitive Acrylic Paints using adventures and modern materials and techniques. Artist Charley Edelman uses acrylics to paint in a variety of styles, such as expressionism, abstract, whimsical, realism, and a composite of any of these styles. Charley Edelman is truly an inspired painter, a professional artist, art lecturer, private art instructor and juror. A fantastic painting instructor I had years ago said: "If you paint figures, you must make them ABSTRACT; and if you paint abstractly, you must make them FIGURES!" do you see what she was driving at?